Permitting Procedures Memos and Guidance

8/7/2014 Requesting Confidential Treatment of Trade Secret Material
10/3/2013 Permit Expiration Consistency Procedure
10/3/2013 502(b)(10) and Minor Permit Modifications at Title V Facilities
9/5/2012 112(j)-To-112(d) Timing Letter to International Paper
3/8/2012 Letter from Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator re: 112(j)-To-112(d) Timing
1/24/2012 Trigger for NAAQS and SAAQS Modeling at Existing Rock Quarries
7/20/2011 Final Class I Impact AQRV Analysis Guidance
5/23/2011 Fact Sheet for NSPS Subpart Dc Boilers
4/24/2011 GHG PALs Regulatory Reading
2/8/2011 NC Air Toxics Flowchart for Combustion Sources
1/28/2011 Governor Signs Executive Order on Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule
1/11/2011 Interim Policy on Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Area Source Rule Implementation
1/10/2011 Activities Exempted from Permitting and Air Toxics Requirements
1/3/2011 Economic Hardship Guidance For NC Air Toxics
9/29/2010 Wilmington SO2 NAAQS Modeling Letters
9/29/2010 Wilmington SO2 NAAQS Modeling Protocol
8/30/2010 Background Visual Range under PSD
8/27/2010 Senate Bill 3 Implementation Issues
6/7/2010 Interim 1-Hr SO2 Modeling Guidance
5/25/2010 Interim 1-Hr NO2 Modeling Guidance
3/18/2010 State Senate Bill 3 BACT Policy
6/30/2009 Review and Recommended Update of DAQ Emission Factors for Human Crematories
2/6/2009 RACT Flow-Chart for Applicability in a Serious Ozone Non-Attainment Area (.xls)
9/16/2008 Area Source GACTs and North Carolina Air Toxics
6/21/2008 Emission Factor For Wood-fired Boilers for 123678-Hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
1/2/2008 Internal Combustion Engines Subject to NSPS Requirements
1/24/2007 Emergency Generators Exemption
6/8/2005 Emission Factors for Ready-Mixed Concrete Facilities
3/31/2003 Portable Crusher Exemption from Permitting
3/11/2003 Guidance on Air Permitting
9/20/2000 2D.0518 to 2D.0958 transition memo for non - Title V facilities
This document is a permit amendment that was mailed to all non-Title V permit holders advising them of their new obligations under 2D.0958.
7/31/2000 Zoning consistency determination
5/16/2000 Using a non-SIP regulation to avoid Title V and assessing the appropriate fee classification
11/18/1999 Procedure for permitting asphalt plants
"DAQ policy incorporating the latest EPA data on stack and loadout emissions. Also available is a revised emissions estimating spreadsheet for asphalt plants."
10/16/1999 Procedure for quantifying condensible particulate matter
DAQ policy requiring back half (Method 202) testing to be performed for all sources performing particulate matter sampling.
7/19/1999 Procedures for modifying Title V permits
7/9/1999 Procedures for implementing Acceptable Ambient Levels for chromium(VI) compounds
7/7/1999 Updated guidelines for implementing Acceptable Ambient Levels for chromium(VI) compounds
1/21/1999 Lease Arrangement Modeling Procedures for 15A NCAC 2D.1100
10/26/1998 Guidance on permitting and enforcement decisions when earlier decisions are rendered incorrect by new information
DAQ compliance and enforcement procedures when dealing with new information.
4/18/1996 Emissions from planing and other woodworking operations
4/21/1995 Lease Arrangement Modeling Procedures for 15A NCAC 2D.1100 Demonstrations
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