Stormwater Program NCG14 and NCG24 Request Form

Please review the Permit Contacts Summary Report for your Permit COC before proceeding with your renewal request (a copy of that report was enclosed with your renewal notification letter).  Once you complete the form and click Submit, you will be directed to a map where you can find your permitted facility and review current details.  An e-mail confirmation of your renewal request will be sent to the Permit Contact email address you entered.  

Please enter your general permit COC number (e.g., NCG140222 - NOT the general permit number that ends in all zeros)
Please enter the name of the best permit contact (a company employee, please). This is the person to whom DEQ will send permit renewal information.
IMPORTANT! Please enter the permit contact's e-mail address. DEQ will use this address to send updates and notify the permittee when the renewal COC is ready.
Please enter a phone number for the permit contact. Any format is okay (dashes, extensions, etc.).
All permit COCs will be available electronically and will NOT be mailed out with a permit package unless requested. Mail-outs may be several months after COCs are available electronically, and so we encourage permittees to obtain their COC electronically whenever possible.
If the Business Name or Ownership has changed, or the legally responsible person ("Owner Affiliation") has changed, please choose "Yes." We will e-mail the forms necessary to make those changes.
Note that "Owner Contact" is not the same thing as "Owner Affiliation," the person legally responsible for the permit. It is just an additional contact for the permit ownership.
Please help us keep an accurate record of who is submitting this renewal request.
Please provide a contact number in case we have questions about this request.
This allows us to e-mail a copy of the confirmation to someone else, too (the consultant, for example). It is not required. **ONCE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, THERE MAY BE A DELAY BEFORE YOU SEE THE NEXT SCREEN. PLEASE WAIT FOR THAT SCREEN TO APPEAR.**
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