Mission Statement


It is recognized that the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s primary mission is to protect North Carolina's environment and advance an all-of-the-above energy strategy that fits North Carolina’s needs. In executing this mission, DEQ operates with the broad-based understanding that the following three fundamental principles are integral components of its protective mandate.

Fundamental Philosophy: In its essence, DEQ is a service organization. Agency personnel, operating within the confines of the regulations, must always be a resource of invaluable public assistance, rather than a bureaucratic obstacle of resistance.

Fundamental Economics: Acknowledging that a traditional cost/benefit analysis is not always fully applicable to matters of the environment, the agency will be continually cognizant that an economic cost/benefit analysis is an integral component of DEQ's public service endeavor.

Fundamental Science: That all decisions are made with a respect and understanding that science will inform decisions on how to best protect the environment and develop energy policy. The relevant science is complex, comprised of many components, and most importantly, contains diversity of opinion. In this regard, all public programs and scientific conclusions must be reflective of input from a variety of legitimate, diverse and thoughtful perspectives.

The Outcome

That a collaborative stewardship among the citizens, government regulators and the business community will maintain and enhance North Carolina's environment and natural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone living in or visiting our great state.

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