State Stormwater

State Stormwater Express Review Program

Here you will find the necessary information such as fees, guidance/review procedures, contact information, etc. to help you meet the basic requirements for a prompt and thorough express review.

What is State Stormwater? (Scroll down to "State Stormwater Programs")

Learn more information about the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II requirements for stormwater.

Important Information

Permit Express Application Fees Express Notes Express Process Target Time Application Processing Location
State Stormwater 
  • $500 Plan Revision
  • $1,000 General
  • $1,000 Minor Mod (L)
  • $2,000 Minor Mod (H)
  • $2,000 Off-site (H or L)
  • $2,000 Low Density - New or Major Mod
  • $4,000 High Density - New or Major Mod
A project with outstanding violations may not be accepted. 30 calendar days Region

Contact Information and Important Links

Any questions, concerns or comments may be directed to the appropriate express
permit reviewer or the environmental assistance coordinator in your region.

Express permitting staff for State Stormwater are located in the
Washington and Wilmington Regional Offices.