2017 CRC Actions

July 2017

  • Made a motion to send a letter to the NC Congressional Delegation supporting NOAA’s coastal programs in response to the President’s proposed federal budget.
  • Approved the final report on the Periodic Review of Existing Rules. This report will be submitted to the Rules Review Commission for approval.
  • Certified the Town of Boiling Spring Lakes Land Use Plan.
  • Approved amendments to the Town of Beaufort’s Land Use Plan.
  • Approved the CRAC’s recommendations for nominations to the CRAC. Seth Laughlin, Candy Bohmert, David Kellam, and Nancy White were appointed to the Advisory Council.
  • Remanded Kure Beach’s development line request proposal back to Kure Beach to address CRC concerns.
  • Adopted amendments to 15A NCAC 7H .0306 and 7J .1301, development line procedures.
  • Approved amendments to 15A NCAC 7J .0409, Civil Penalties, for public hearing.
  • Approved amendments to 15A NCAC 7H .0308 and 7K .0103, dune protections, restoration and repair, for public hearing.


April 2017

  • Granted a variance request by the Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant, Inc. which leases a portion of a lot located at 501 East Evans Street in Morehead City, Carteret County, to authorize a new set of stairs to connect the roof-covered dock area to the top of the roof to provide more seating for customers on the new roof.
  • Granted CRC support for the North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve’s 2017-2022 Management Plan.
  • Certified an amendment to the Perquimans County/Town of Hertford/Town of Winfall Joint CAMA Land Use Plan.
  • Adopted amendments to 15A Subchapter 7L Planning and Management Grants.
  • Approved the development line request submitted by Figure Eight Island.
  • Nominated and approved Commissioner Neal Andrew as CRC Vice-Chair.
  • Nominated and approved Commissioner Greg Lewis as second Vice-Chair.

February 2017

  • Thexton Variance Request – The CRC remanded the request back to the attorneys to gather additional information and stipulated facts. Petitioners seek a variance from the oceanfront erosion setback for a home in Topsail Beach in order to elevate the existing house.
  • Approved the fiscal analysis for amendments to 15A NCAC 07H .2200, General Permit for construction of Freestanding Moorings in Estuarine Waters and Public Trust Areas and Ocean Hazard Areas, for public hearing.
  • Approved the fiscal analysis for amendments to 15A NCAC 07H .1300, Development Line Procedures, for public hearing.
  • Approved the initial classifications for rules subject to the Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules as established by Session Law 2013-413.
  • Certified the Gates County Land Use Plan.
  • Certified the Oak Island Land Use Plan.
  • Approved the Planning and Management Grant Program priorities of Natural Hazards and Storm Recovery Projects for the 2017-2018 grant cycle.