July 2017 AQC


June 16, 2017
TO: Charles Carter, Chair
Gerard Carroll
E. O. Ferrell
Dr. Suzanne Lazorick
Steve Tedder
John D. Solomon
Clyde E. Smith, Jr.


FROM: Mike Abraczinskas, Director

Division of Air Quality

SUBJECT: July 2017 Air Quality Committee Meeting

The Air Quality Committee is scheduled to meet in the Archdale Building Ground Floor Hearing Room on July 12, 2017. Please note that the meeting time is

                                                                                                                                                                                                               2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.1

                1If any committee meeting conducts its scheduled business and adjourns prior to the estimated adjournment time, the subsequently scheduled committee meeting may be called to order by its chairperson fifteen minutes after the previous meeting is adjourned.

            Meeting audio and presentations will be broadcast via the state web conferencing link posted on the Environmental Management Commission website at https://deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/water-resources/water-resources-commissions/environmental-management-commission.
            Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be presented orally at the meeting only upon a request by a Committee member and can be approved where required as a group. Please call me at (919) 707-8447 if you wish to request an oral presentation of any item marked with an asterisk or if you have any other requests or questions on the Committee meeting or attachments. Items marked with a less-than sign (<) have no agenda item pages in this package. Please let Lois Thomas know if you will not be able to attend so that we can be assured of a quorum. The tentative agenda will include:
CALL TO ORDER (Charles Carter)
1.         General Statute § 138A-15 mandates that the Chairman inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Commission. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, please so state at this time.
MINUTES (Charles Carter)

5.        Request for Approval of Proposed Rule Revisions and to Proceed to EMC to Request to Proceed to Public Hearing on Adoption of Final Emission Guidelines for Existing Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators (539) (Paula Hemmer, DAQ)



9.<       Director’s Remarks (Mike Abraczinskas, DAQ)

12.<     Next Regular Meeting September 13, 2017 (time to be determined)

Before each meeting, this tentative agenda and some attachments appear on the Department of Environmental Quality web site at http://deq.nc.gov/news/events. The web site also has many other useful features.
Other EMC Members                                              
Michael Regan                                      
John A. Nicholson                                       
Sheila Holman                             
William Lane                                        
Amy Bircher                                      
Asher Spiller                                                   
Mike Abraczinskas                                   
Michael Pjetraj                                          
Sushma Masemore                                                
John Evans
William Willets                       
Don van der Vaart                       
Lori Cherry                           
Randy Strait                        
Joelle Burleson                          
Sushma Masemore                 
Joelle Burleson                       
Mark Cuilla              
Robin Barrows           
Booker Pullen                              
Brian Phillips
Patrick Knowlson
Vladimir Zaytsev
Gary Saunders
Rahul Thaker
Lois Thomas
Jennie Hauser
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Regional DAQ Supervisors