March 2016 AQC

March 4, 2016


TO:                  Charles Carter, Chair
                 Gerard Carroll
                 Dr. Lawrence Raymond
                  E. O. Ferrell
                  Julie Wilsey
                  Steven Rowlan
                  John D. Solomon


FROM:            Sheila Holman, Director
                      Division of Air Quality


SUBJECT:      March 2016 Air Quality Committee Meeting


The Air Quality Committee is scheduled to meet in the Archdale Building Ground Floor Hearing Room from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on March 9, 2016.  Please note that the meeting time is

3:00 P.M.1

                1If any committee meeting conducts its scheduled business and adjourns prior to the estimated adjournment time, the subsequently scheduled committee meeting may be called to order by its chairperson fifteen minutes after the previous meeting is adjourned.

            Meeting audio and presentations will be broadcast via the state web conferencing link posted on the Environmental Management Commission website.

            Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be presented orally at the meeting only upon a request by a Committee member and can be approved where required as a group. Please call me at (919) 707-8430 if you wish to request an oral presentation of any item marked with an asterisk or if you have any other requests or questions on the Committee meeting or attachments. Items marked with a less-than sign (<) have no agenda item pages in this package. Please let Lois Thomas know if you will not be able to attend so that we can be assured of a quorum. The tentative agenda will include:

CALL TO ORDER (Charles Carter)

1.         Call to Order and the State Government Ethics Act, N.C.G.S. § 138A-15(e)

MINUTES (Charles Carter)

2.         Review and Approval of September Meeting Minutes

3.         Review and Approval of November Meeting Minutes

4.         Review and Approval of January Meeting Minutes


5.         Revision of Odor Control of Feed Ingredient Manufacturing Plants Rule per S.L. 2015-263 (536) (Joelle Burleson, DAQ)


6.         Startup, Shutdown, Malfunction (SSM) State Implementation Plan (SIP) Call Rule Revisions / Presentation (533) (Michael Pjetraj, DAQ)


7.        Request for Approval to Proceed to Hearing on Revisions to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Rules in 15A NCAC 02D .0902 (532) (Joelle Burleson, DAQ)

8.        Request to Proceed to Public Comment on Repeal of 15A NCAC 02D .1010 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Idling Restrictions (535) (Joelle Burleson, DAQ)


9.<       Director’s Remarks (Sheila Holman, DAQ)

                        - 111(d) Update

                        - Permit Exemption Streamlining Update

       - Periodic Review of Rules Update

10.*     1995-2016 Air Quality Committee and Environmental Management Commission Calendar 

11.*     Status of Rulemaking Hearings and Rule Development

12.<     Next Regular Meeting May 11, 2016 (time to be determined)


Before each meeting, this tentative agenda and some attachments appear on the Division of Air Quality web site at The web site also has many other useful features.



Other EMC Members                           William Willets                         Vladimir Zaytsev
Jennie Hauser                                     Lee Daniel                                Patrick Knowlson
Amy Bircher                                       Michael Pjetraj                          Robin Barrows
Don van der Vaart                               Lori Cherry                               Candace Prusiewicz
Tom Reeder                                        Gary Saunders                         Randy Strait
Sam M. Hayes                                     Brian Phillips                           Regional DAQ
Lois Thomas                                       Donnie Redmond                      Local Programs
Sheila Holman                                     Sushma Masemore                   Mark Cuilla
Tom Mather                                         Joelle Burleson                       
Mike Abraczinskas                               Glenn Sappie                          
John Evans                                          Booker Pullen