Section 5: Applying for a CAMA Permit

CAMA permits are designed to protect the resources of the coast and human lives and property. This section will explain:

  • the types of permits the Division of Coastal Management issues;

  • how to apply for permits;

  • how to appeal a permit decision;

  • how permits are enforced;

  • consistency reviews for certain types of projects in or affecting the 20 CAMA coastal counties.

What types of permits does DCM issue?

The CAMA permit system is divided into major and minor permits, based on the size and possible impacts of your project.

There are three types of CAMA permits:

Major Permits, which 10 state and four federal agencies must review before a decision is made.

General Permits, which are used for routine projects that usually pose little or no threat to the environment.

Minor Permits, which are used for projects – such as single-family houses – that don't require major permits or general permits. They are reviewed, issued and administered to CRC standards by local governments under contract with the Division of Coastal Management.