Boat Ramps

Boat ramps provide access to coastal waters. Ramps for private use may be constructed under a CAMA general permit if they meet the general rules for coastal shorelines, estuarine and public trust waters, and the following specific conditions {15A NCAC 7H .1305}:

    • Boat ramps must not be wider than 15 feet and must not extend farther than 20 feet below the normal high water level contour in tidal areas or the normal water level contour in nontidal areas.

    • Excavation and ground-disturbing activities above and below the normal high water level or normal water level will be limited to that absolutely necessary to establish adequate ramp slope and provide a ramp no greater in size than specified by the general permit.

    • Placement of fill materials below the normal high water level, or normal water level contour, will be limited to the ramp structure itself. Boat ramps may be constructed of concrete, wood, steel, clean riprap, marl or any other acceptable materials approved by DCM personnel.

    • Coastal wetland vegetation must not be excavated or filled at any time during construction and subsequent use of the ramp.

    Construction of larger or commercial boat ramps require a major permit.