Mooring Fields

In addition to the standards for private freestanding moorings, the following standards apply to mooring fields {15A NCAC 7H. 0208 (b) (10)}:

    • All mooring fields must provide suitable access areas to moorings and land-based operations, including wastewater pumpout, trash disposal and parking.

    • Mooring fields may not be located within areas where shellfish harvesting is a significant use, or adjacent to shellfish areas if the mooring field could lead to a shellfish closure.

    • If the state has leased or deeded submerged lands where the mooring field is to be located, you must obtain the permission of the person/people controlling the submerged lands.

    • Open water moorings may not be enclosed within breakwaters that prevent water from circulating.

    • Moorings and associated land-based operations must meet all applicable stormwater management requirements.

    • Mooring fields must post a notice prohibiting the discharge of waste from boat toilets and explaining the availability of pumpouts and waste disposal.

    • Moorings associated with commercial shipping, public service, or temporary construction/salvage operations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.