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Macon County Landslide Hazard Maps 
(NCGS GHMS-1), 2006

Watauga County Landslide Hazard Maps 
(NCGS GHMS-3), 2008

Buncombe County Landslide Hazard Maps
(NCGS GHMS-4), 2009.

Henderson County Landslide Hazard Maps
(NCGS GHMS-5), 2011.



Report on the August 31, 2006 Eaglenest Ridge Debris Flow, Haywood County, North Carolina.

Report on the May 5-7, 2003 Debris Flows on Slopes Underlain by Sulfidic Bedrock of the Wehutty, Nantahala and Copper Hill Formations, Swain County, North Carolina.

Jackson County Airport Slope Stability Report, 2006.

Report on the January 7, 2009 Bear Trail Debris Flow, Haywood County, North Carolina. 

The North Carolina Geological Survey’s Response to Landslide Events: Methods, Findings, Lessons Learned, and Challenges
Wooten et al., 2017
2017 3rd North American Symposium on Landslides, June 4-8, 2017, Roanoke, VA

Appendices for Bear Trail Report

Cross sections:

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect E zoom

Bear Trail _Appendix A x-sect E

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect F

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect G

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect I

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect J

Bear Trail _Appendix A X-sect K

Bear Trail _Appendix A x-sect M

Soil Tests:

Bear Trail _Appendix B-160334-39

Bear Trail _Appendix B-160340-43




Faults and Landslides - Geologic Structures, Processes and Landforms Important to Engineering and Hydrogeology Projects in the Blue Ridge of Western North Carolina - Fall Field Trip, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists - Carolinas Section Western Branch of the North Carolina Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, September 6, 2014 Download Guidebook


Investigation of the Peeks Creek Debris Flow of September 2004 and Its Relationship to Landslide Hazard Mapping in Macon County, North Carolina - 2007 Southeast Friends of the Pleistocene Field Trip Guidebook Download Guidebook


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Emergency Landslide Response Guidelines