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Evaluate Strategy

According to Fostering Sustainable Behavior, once a successful pilot program launch is complete, you are ready to roll out the program to the entire community. Lastly, you want to evaluate your program on a regular basis and revise it as needed. In order to formulate a successful program it is necessary to consistently be cognizant of relevant alterations or changes that could improve your efforts. Remember those methods that you used to find out about recycling barriers? You can use those same practices (surveys, focus groups and interviews) to test your message and evaluate its effectiveness.

However, asking people if they have changed their behavior isn't always accurate. Try to get as much concrete data as you can, such as, pounds recycled, amount composted, number of calls received, Web site hits, number of presentations given, etc. The more statistical information that you have to analyze the more accurate your future efforts will be.

Overview of Process

  1. Identify and prioritize barriers.
  2. Select behavior change tools that will overcome barriers identified.
  3. Obtain feedback on your program from focus groups or surveys.
  4. Fine-tune your program and then launch it with a pilot group.
  5. If pilot is successful, launch your program community wide. If not, adjust it based on information from the pilot program.
  6. Evaluate your program by using baseline pre-program data, then data from several points in time after the initial program launch.