Quotes from DEACS Customers

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you our experiences with a Ms. Renee Hutchinson from your office. She has managed to corral people and groups not normally found together but having similar interests and focus discussions on solutions. She has led efforts with Wake Tech curriculum development and with the High Performance Building committee. I'm sure there are dozens more I could name. She's a great asset for us all and she's opened my eyes in ways that all types of people can contribute to this topic.
 — Director of Energy Management

ESI has provided us with another layer of accountability. In today's economy, you cannot afford to make an environmental blunder. ESI provides the networking and tools for questions, answers, and proven cost effective solutions to environmental issues. I receive a lot just from the networking -- nearly always I get an idea generated or wow I never thought of that inspiration during meetings and forums.
 — ESI Steward, Engineered Sintered Components

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us yesterday. We rather enjoyed our visit and found the discussion on environmental permitting requirements for Solar Facilities quite helpful. 
 — Business Development Analyst - Ecoplexus, Inc., San Francisco, CA

I want to thank your organization for all the work you have done and continue to do.
 — Teacher - Wake Forest High School

…We sincerely appreciate the low-no cost things that we can implement to improve our energy efficiency,…We recently met with your list, and divided up the items to implement. Thank you!
 — Ward Street Mission UMC Trustees

By having such a good relationship with DENR, we no longer need to focus on our compliance status and can concentrate on improvements in environmental operations that yield improvements in environmental, safety, and cost reductions simultaneously.
 — ESI Steward, Fleet Readiness Center East

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me earlier this week about permit requirements and for the permit list information you provided. This is all great!
 — Consultant - Tetratech, Denver, Colorado

ESI [the Environmental Stewardship Initiative] has been a great resource for our recycling and energy opportunities. B/E West Point plans to continue building a relationship with ESI to reduce our impact on the environment.
 — ESI Partner, B/E Aerospace, West Point Facility

Thank you so very much for the helpful and complete information you provided. It has been a pleasure working with you.
 — Owner - 3D Printing and Filament Business

Thank you so much for your assistance and recommendation, you have been invaluable in my research efforts and I surely appreciate the time and effort you took in helping me.
 — Citizen

We really appreciate all the help that you have been so far. We look forward to our continued relationship with you and getting better in our recycling efforts.
 — Randolph Community College

I just want to thank you for this interactive web tool for tracking DENR permits. This is a fantastic service to the citizens of North Carolina. I really appreciate the access to public information and the way that the information has been implemented on this website.
 — Citizen

I had the pleasure of speaking with an NCDENR employee today who was especially helpful… He helped me navigate some of the online tools that I needed to perform an environmental assessment of a property that my company has been working on. I communicate frequently with government agencies involved in environmental protection, and this was one of my better experiences.
 — Staff Engineer, Professional Service Industries, Inc.

Your assistance has been a huge help. You've gotten me to the bottom of what I need to resolve.
 — Citizen

I wanted to let you know that your response was very much appreciated. Very prompt and detailed. It is very helpful to me as I learn North Carolina's rules.
 — Supervisor, Environmental Services - SCANA Corporation

This is excellent information. I appreciate your assistance as you have been everything that your title implied! Thanks for your quick response.
 — Environmental Manager - Rogers Group, Inc.

Thanks again for your time. I learned a lot in spending time with y'all yesterday and today. I will be following up with you to learn more about various issues and projects, and (hopefully) to entice you to come speak to my classes from time to time.
 — Faculty, Environmental Studies Department, Warren Wilson College

Thanks to the Environmental Assistance Coordinator for meeting with us and our engineers. Going over the plans with the engineers at NCDENR seemed very productive. Thanks again.
 — Engineer/consultant - The Broadway Group

I would like to express Currituck County's gratitude toward the staff of the Washington Regional Office. The professionalism of the staff and ease of the One-Stop Permitting Process enables us to keep this project moving forward on deadline and under budget. From the outset, the design and permitting process was approached as a collaborative effort between county and state officials. 
 — Planning Director

I would like to thank all NCDENR employees of the Washington Regional Office for their participation in the scoping meeting. This is a valuable service to builders as all permitting agencies are brought together to have one meeting. We thank each one for their time and effort. I would like to especially thank the Environmental Assistance Coordinator for her many answered questions and time setting up the meeting.
 — Perdue Agribusiness and Wellons, Inc.

I am very honored to have 2013 Recycling Business Development Grant ($10,000)... Finally I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your help and professional advices. Without your guide, I wouldn't be here today. Thank you so much.
 — Wilson Recycling Center

With the assistance of the RBAC, Benfield Sanitation Services' MRF has diverted 526.36 tons of paper, plastic containers #1-7, aluminum and steel cans, and film in just four months of operation.
 — Benfield Sanitation

Support of Reflective Recycling Inc. by NC RBAC has been outstanding! Previous grants for vacuum system (2009) and scale / foundation (2010) have increased the efficiency and output of the existing processing lines.
 — Reflective Recycling