Address & Directions


Mailing: 1652 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1652
Physical/Shipping: 217 West Jones St., Suite 3000A, Raleigh, N.C. 27603
Phone:: 919-707-8976  

Mailing & Physical: 5 Ravenscroft Dr., #102, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 919-707-8976 Fax: 828-232-4420

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DMS Contact List

Name Section Position & County Location of Project Managers Emailemail icon Phone
Ackerman, Anjie Watershed Planning & Property Protection Planning Specialist 919-707-8312
Allen, Melonie Science & Analysis Wetland & Modeling Specialist 919-707-8540
Baumgartner,Tim Director's Office Director 919-707-8543
Blackwell, Jamie Watershed Planning & Property Protection Watershed Planning Supervisor  919-707-8471
Brown, Robert Financial Mgt. Business Analyst 919-707-8930
Corson, Kristie Credit Mgt. & Procurement Procurement Manager 919-707-8935
Crocker, Lindsay Watershed Planning & Property Protection Property Specialist/Project Manager 919-707-8944
Davis, Debby Financial Mgt. Administrative Officer I 919-707-8544
Dow, Jeremiah Project Management Project Manager 919-707-8280
Famularo, Joe Science & Analysis Environmental Technician 919-707-8414
Harmon, Beth Credit Mgt. & Procurement DOT Coordinator 919-707-8420
Horton, Jeffrey Watershed Planning & Property Protection Western Property Specialist 919-707-8437
Jurek, Jeff Credit Mgt. & Procurement

Deputy Director of Finance & Administration 919-707-8291
Lowe, Summer Financial Mgt. Budget Officer 919-707-8293
Melia, Greg Science & Analysis Stream & Aquatic Ecology Specialist 919-707-8919
Mir, Danielle Science & Analysis Water Quality Analyst 919-707-8949
Phillips, Kelly Contracts, Permitting & Review Plan Review Engineer  919-723-7565
Reid, Matthew Project Management Project Manager 828-231-7912
Russell, Periann Science & Analysis Geomorphology & Surface Water Specialist 919-707-8306
Smallwood, Ariel Director's Office DMS Administrative Assistant 919-707-8939
Stanfill, Jim Credit Mgt. & Procurement Asset Management Supervisor 919-707-8314
Tsomides, Harry Project Management Project Manager - Buncombe, Yancey, Mitchell, Avery, Ashe, Alleghany & Iredell counties 828-545-7057
Ullman, Kirsten Watershed Planning & Property Protection Planning Specialist 919-707-8496
Wells, Brooke Credit Mgt. & Procurement Procurement Specialist 919-707-8451
Wiesner, Paul Project Management

Western Regional Supervisor


Williams, Kelly Credit Mgt. & Procurement In-Lieu Fee Program Coordinator 919-707-8915
Xu, Lin Contracts, Permitting & Review Plan Review Engineer 919-707-8319