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Payment of hazardous waste annual fees is pursuant to North Carolina General Statute #130A-294.1.

The Hazardous Waste Section is pleased to be able to offer a new approach to paying your annual hazardous waste fees. Once you enter the facility location’s EPA ID # in the space provided below, please confirm that the Facility Name appears correctly prior to selecting and paying the invoice.

Partial payments are not allowed through this online ePayment web site. Please pay the full amount.

Please enter the EPA ID Number for which you wish to pay annual hazardous waste fees.

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You may pay with a credit/debit card        ,
or with the electronic transfer of funds from your bank account (eCheck) 

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Should you have any questions regarding pending invoices, late fees or the ePayments System, please contact Christine Twining at 919-707-8214 or at christine.twining@ncdenr.gov, or call 919-707-8200.