2014-2024 State Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan

The Solid Waste Management Act of 1989 established policies and goals to promote methods of solid waste management that are alternatives to disposal in landfills and to assist units of local government with solid waste management. The law requires the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (Department) to develop a comprehensive solid waste management plan with the collaboration of local government, regional planning agencies, and the general public.

A North Carolina plan was drafted for the 2014-2024 cycle and feedback was solicited in order to develop an action-based, achievable, and inclusive plan. One significant step toward achieving this goal was to survey the various stakeholders of North Carolina on elements of the proposed plan, keeping in mind that the North Carolina General Statutes require the plan to focus on education, public participation, and waste reduction goals.

The NCDEQ Division of Waste Management (DWM) and Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) thanks you for your participation and effort with this survey. Your input is a key element to the success of this development process.If you are interested in further discussion of the Plan, or would like to review the results please review the following information:

Projected Plan Update: Steps and Schedule

  1. Stakeholders and General Public complete survey by April 22, 2014.
  2. Section meets with stakeholders and the general public via regional meetings to review Plan draft. Section incorporates public input and survey data into Plan draft.
  3. Section revises and adopts the 2014-2024 Plan during the summer 2014.


The survey results will be presented in full as an appendix to the Plan. This document will be available on the NCDEQ Solid Waste Section portal site, based on the timeline presented above. If you have any questions regarding elements of this survey, or elements of the Plan and would like to talk to a Plan representative, please see the contacts below:

Regional Public Meetings

  • 4/29 DENR Asheville Regional Office (6:00pm – 7:30)
    2090 US Hwy 70 Swannanoa NC
  • 5/6 Davidson County Community College, Davidson Campus, Rittling Conference Center (6:00pm-7:30)
    297 DCCC Rd Thomasville NC
  • 5/7 NC Global Transpark Training Facility (6:00pm-7:30)
    3800 Hwy 58 North Kinston NC
  • 5/29 Archdale Building - Ground Floor Hearing Room (1:00 to 3:30pm)
    512 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC