UST Operator Training Registration

There are two options for Primary Operator training: 

  1. attend UST Tank School in person, or
  2. enroll in an online class with a private vendor.

Option 1:  Attend a NC Tank School -  Register Here

Receive training by NC UST staff about your specific facility. There is NO cost to you for this option.  You must include your facility ID # when you register.  You can enter more than one facility ID #.  Your facility ID # is found on your permit and has the following format:  ##-#-00000#####

Option 2: Complete an online class with a private company

Receive general training online. Private companies administer online training and charge a fee for this option. The training is not geared to your facility.  (Choose A/B Operator (Primary Operator) class.)  Pick one of the companies in the table below.  IMPORTANT: It is YOUR responsibility to email verification of training to your inspector. Without an email from you, your training records may not be updated and violations may not be removed.

Pass - Practical American Safety Solutions, LLC Register On-line
Tait and Associates, Inc. Register On-line
Antea Group / API Register On-line