Comprehensive Landfill Audit Guidance


This is a guidance document created by the Comprehensive Landfill Audit Team (“CLAT”) composed of Waste Management Specialists, Engineers, Safety Consultants, and Environmental Specialists. This document is intended solely as an internal agency guidance document.  It includes guidance concerning waste screening programs, personnel training, facility operations, maintenance, engineering, special waste handling, site safety, environmental monitoring, nuisance control and record keeping.  Statutory or regulatory requirements are not in any way altered by statement(s) contained herein, nor are any statement(s) contained herein intended to create or impose new or different regulatory requirements not otherwise codified.  Summaries or discussions of statutes and regulations which may be contained herein are not intended to be comprehensive and the reader is advised to consult the statute or regulation as appropriate.  Nothing herein is to be construed as a legal opinion, nor is it intended as a substitute for the legal advice of counsel.
This guidance document is available for use in comprehensive municipal solid waste landfill facility audits, as well as routine inspections of municipal solid waste landfill facilities.