Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Act, 2019 (ASADRA)

Additional Supplemental  Appropriations for Disaster Relief Act, 2019 (ASADRA)

Please note: This funding program is available in the Spring 2020 funding round only. 

The ASADRA program offers supplemental funding to the State Revolving Fund programs for wastewater treatment works and drinking water facilities impacted by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. 

  • ASADRA funds should be requested as part of the Spring 2020 application round..
  • A PowerPoint presentation related to how to apply for these funds and our regular SRF funds is at
  • For questions related to how to apply or to discuss proposed projects, please contact the appropriate person listed on the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation referenced above.
  • An EPA memo providing details on the funds can be found below. (See associated files at bottom of page)
  • On Feb. 12, 2020, the State Water Infrastructure Authority approved the priority rating system to be used for projects eligible for ASADRA funding and conditions for applying principal forgiveness to funded projects. 
  • The staff report considered by the Authority and containing the approved priority rating system and principal forgiveness criteria can be found below. (See associated files at bottom of page)

To meet ASADRA requirements, 20 percent-to-30 percent of the federal capitalization grant will be used to provide additional subsidization in the form of principal forgiveness.  The Division will provide additional subsidization to projects in the categories provided below in the order in which the projects are scored using the priority rating system.  If a project is eligible for multiple principal forgiveness categories, the category that provides the greatest amount of principal forgiveness will be used. If availability of funds exceeds project demand, the dollar value limits may be exceeded to ensure all available funds are utilized.  

Non-viable rescue: Projects that eliminate a non-viable system to benefit a disadvantaged community with a financial need consistent with the criteria in Affordability Criteria below and served by a public water and wastewater system will receive principal forgiveness for the full amount of the loan up to $3,000,000. The disadvantaged community either meets the affordability criteria or is representative of the criteria.

Resiliency: Projects that receive prioritization points for resiliency in item 2.N.2, or 2.N.3 will receive principal forgiveness of 25% of project costs up to $1,000,000.   Resiliency items 2.N.2 and 2.N.3 are received if the project fortifies or elevates infrastructure within floodplain, the project improves ability to assure continued operation during flood events or the project repairs infrastructure damaged during covered event

Affordability: Projects that receive project purpose points when the applicant has less than 20,000 residential wastewater connections, at least three (3) of five (5) LGU indicators worse than the state benchmark, an operating ratio (future) of less than 1.3, utility rates greater than the state median, and/or project cost per connection greater than $1,150 per connection will receive principal forgiveness percentages will follow the affordability criteria grant percentage matrix found in Appendix E and will range from 25% to 100% in increments of 25% up to $1,000,000 per applicant per round with the targeted interest rate as described under applied to the remaining portion of the loan.

Moving Infrastructure out of Flood Plains: Projects that receive prioritization points for resiliency in item 2.N.1 (Project relocates infrastructure out of a floodplain) will receive principal forgiveness for the full amount of the loan up to $3,000,000.