Rates for nutrient offset vary by region and by third-party provider. Individual providers should be contacted for information on their rates. Information on mitigation banks can be found at here.
NC DMS publishes nutrient offset payment rates at the Nutrient Offset Program Website. Eligible Applicants who wish to participate in the DMS nutrient offset program will first need to request and obtain DMS approval in order to make such a payment. 
DMS calculates nutrient offset rates based on the actual cost of implementing nutrient offset projects.  DMS adjusts its rates at least annually, or quarterly if actual costs increase by 10% or move. Also, Session Law 2007-438 requires DMS to implement the least-cost offset alternatives to reduce nutrient loading.
Offset Rate Links

NC DMS’s Nutrient Offset Program’s web site

Rule 15A NCAC 02B .0274 Nutrient Offset Payment Rates for DMS