September 8, 2016 Agenda


512 N. Salisbury Street
Archdale Building - Ground Floor Hearing Room
Raleigh, North Carolina

Sept. 8, 2016
9:00 a.m.

General Statute § 138A-15 mandates that the Chairman inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Commission. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, please so state at this time.

Steve J. Rowlan, Chairman, Presiding

I. Preliminary Matters

1.     Call to Order
2.     Approval of minutes from Commission meeting on July 14, 2016 (attached)

II. Action Items

1.     16-37  Approval of the Periodic Report of Existing Rules Review for 15A NCAC 02A for Submission to the Rules Review Commission 
(DEQ) Deputy Genral Counsel Craig Bromby


Attachment A – Periodic Report for 15A NCAC 02A

2.     16-38 Hearing Officer's Report on Repeal of 15A NCAC 02D .1010 Heavy-Duty Idling Restrictions (535)
(DAQ) Lori Cherry

Attachment A - Hearing Officer's Report

3.     16-39 Heavy Duty Officer's Report on Revisions to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Rules in 15A NCAC 02D .0902 (532)
(DAQ) Lori Cherry

Attachment A – Hearing Officer's Report

4.     16-40  Hearing Officer's Report on Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction (SSM) State Implementation Plan (SIP) Call Rule Revisions (533)
(DAQ) Michael Pjetraj
(AQC Chair) Charlie Carter
(AQC Vice-Chair) E. O. Ferrell


Attachment A - Hearing Officer's Report

5.     16-41 Request Approval to Send Stormwater Annual Report to the Environmental Review Commission (ERC) in accordance with GS 143-214.7

(DEMLR) Bradley Bennett
(No presentation is planned, but staff will be present to answer any questions.)

Attachment A - 2016 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report

6.     16-42  Stormwater Rules Sections 15A NCAC 2H .0100 and .1000 - Request to Adopt Revisions in Response to RRC Request for Technical Changes 
(DEMLR) Annette Lucas

Attachment A - RRC Staff Opinion - Licensed Professional
Attachment B - Approved 2H Rules (No Action)
Attachment C - Objected 2H Rules (Changes for Adoption)
Attachment D - Update on Stormwater Rules

(Item has been removed from the agenda)
7.     16-43  Request Approval for Submission to ERC of the Basinwide Water Quality Management Plans Annual Report per GS 143-215.8B (d)
(DWR) Nora Deamer

Attachment A - Basinwide Water Quality Management Plans 2015-2016 Annual Report
Attachment B - G.S. 143-215.8B (d)

8.     16-44  Request Approval to Proceed to Public Hearing with the Proposed Reclassification of a Segment of the Catawba River (including Lake James) in McDowell and Burke Counties (Catawba River Basin) to Class WS-IV 
(DWR) Elizabeth Kountis


Attachment A – Memorandum for Catawba River (Lake James) Propoosed Water Supply-IV Reclassification
Attachment B – Map for Catawba River (Lake James) Proposed Water Supply-IV Reclassification
Attachment C - Fiscal Note for Catawba River (Lake James) Proposed Water Supply-IV Reclassification

9.     16-45  Request to Proceed with Rules Review of Rules 15A NCAC 02E in accordance with SL 2013-413
(DWR) Nat Wilson


Attachment A – 15A NCAC 02E Comments and Response Document
Attachment B -  15A NCAC 02E Final

10.     16-46  Request to Approve Recommendation to Appoint Members to the Water Pollution Contol System Operators Certification Commission
(DWR) Steve Reid

Attachment A – Appointment Notice Signed
Attachment B - Biographical Information for Marchell Adams David
Attachment C - Biographical Information for Stephen Adam Waters
Attachment D - Biographical Information for Johathan Godfrey

11.     16-47 Request Approval of Initial Determination of Rules 15A NCAC 02C in Accordance with HB74 an G.S. 150B
(DWR) Debra Watts


Attachment A - 15A NCAC 02C Comments and Responses for Periodic Review of Existing Rules
Attachment B - G.S. 150B-21.3A Report for 15A NCAC 02C, Well Constructiom Standards

12.     16-48 Permission to Proceed to Public Comment and Hearing on 2N and 2O Rules
(DWM) Ruth Strauss


Attachment A -  Summary of Proposed Rule Changes: 15A NCAC 02N and 15A NCAC 020
Attachment B -  15A NCAC 02N 
Attachment C -  15A NCAC 020
Attachment D -  Draft Fiscal Impact Report

13.     16-49 Request for Permission to Proceed to Public Comment and Hearing on Proposed Rule Modification of 15A NCAC 02L .0507

(DWM) Scott Bullock


Attachment A - 15A NCAC 02L .0507
Attachment B - Fiscal Impact Report

14.      16-50 Request Adoption of 15A NCAC 02I .0501

(DWM) Michael Scott

Attachment A - 15A NCAC 02I .0501

III.  Concluding Remarks

By Committee Chairs
By Directors (Directors' Comments)
By Commission Members
By Counsel
By Chairman

Adjournment 09-08-16