July 10, 2019 Water Allocation Committee Agenda




512 N. Salisbury Street
Archdale Building - Ground Floor Hearing Room
Raleigh, North Carolina


July 10, 2019
9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Dr. Suzanne Lazorick, Chairwoman, Presiding

In the event the previously scheduled committee meeting adjourns prior to the estimated adjournment time, the other committee meeting may be called to order by the Chariman/woman 15 minutes after the previous meeting adjourned.


I.     Preliminary Matters  (Chairwoman Lazorick)

        A.    Call to Order and Notice of NCGS § 138A-15

General Statute § 138A-15 mandates that the Chairman/woman inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Commission.  If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict, please so state at this time.

        B.    Approval of minutes from May 8, 2019 meeting (attached)

        C.    Revisions or additions to the agenda

II.    Information Items

          A.    Update on Rule Re-adoption Timeline for 15A NCAC 02E: Water Use Registration and Allocation

                    Nat Wilson (NC Division of Water Resources)

                    Explanation: The Division of Water Resources will provide an update and proposed deadline for the rule re-adoption of 15A NCAC 02E: Water Use Registration and Allocation.


                         POWERPOINT PRESENTATION


          B.    Water System Efficiency: Perspective from the City of Raleigh

                   Ed Buchan (City of Raleigh)

                   Explanation: The City of Raleigh will discuss public water system efficiency, providing the City's perspective and experience with meeting customer demand, smart meters, identifying where system losses occur, how best to identify and account for lost water and revenue, and challenges faced in improving system efficiency.

                         POWERPOINT PRESENTATION


          C.    Trends in Water Use Across North Carolina

                   Austin Thompson (UNC School of Government, Environmental Finance Center)

                   Explanation: The Environmental Finance Center will present an analysis that shows trends in average residential water use in North Carolina and how the trends appear to have been declining over the past few years.  Some reasons behind the declining demands and trends in non-revenue water (including water loss) will also be discussed.

                         POWERPOINT PRESENTATION


III.    Concluding Remarks (Chairwoman Lazorick)