Wetland Grant Reports

NCDWR has received multiple grants to work on projects related to wetlands and streams in North Carolina. This section contains reports that have been submitted as part of the grant process.

North Carolina Wetland Program Plan (NC WPP)

  • NC DWR Activities proposed in support of the NC Wetland Program Plan 2015-2019
  • North Carolina's Wetland Program Plan 2015-2019
  • Summary of North Carolina 401 Programmatic Changes and the Effects on the Permitted Impacts and Required Compensatory Mitigation for Buffers, Streams, and Wetlands

Southeast Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Intensification Study with North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia

Coefficient of Conservatism Database Development for Wetland Plants Occuring in the Southeastern United States

Defining limits for small stream biological criteria for use in stream restoration monitoring

Hydrologic Connectivity, Water Quality Function, and Biocriteria of Coastal Plain Geographically Isolated Wetlands: Isolated Wetland Grant Final Report

Assessing Impacts Due to Small Impoundments in North Carolina

  • Impoundments Project Final Report
  • Impoundments Project Poster

Wetland Mitigation Guidance Document

Aquatic Resources in North Carolina: An examination of the spatial relationship between approved impacts and compensatory mitigation

Towards a National Evaluation of Compensatory Mitigation Sites: A Proposed Study Methodology

Field Verification of Wetland Functional Assessment Methods within Local Watershed Planning Areas (Draft Report)

Development of a Wetland Monitoring Program for Headwater Wetlands in North Carolina

Correlating Stream Biology with Buffer Quality