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Wetland Program Plan Development

North Carolina Wetland Program Plan Development

Using funds provided by an EPA Wetland Program Development Grant, NC DWR is developing North Carolina's Wetland Program Plan (WPP). The WPP is a document that addresses the goals of wetland programs in North Carolina, broad based actions, and specific activities to be undertaken statewide through 2017. The four main areas addressed in the WPP are based on the EPA's four Core Elements: Monitoring and Assessment, Regulation, Voluntary Restoration and Protection, and Water Quality Standards for Wetlands. The WPP is being developed by a 24 member stakeholder group consisting of representatives from public, private and special interest groups. The WPP is a living document that will be reviewed and revised as needed in order to continue to provide future direction to wetland programs throughout the state.

The Monitoring and Assessment portion of the WPP was approved by the EPA in January 2013. The stakeholder group is also reviewing and updating this portion of the document.

NC WPP documents available for download:

EPA approved Monitoring and Assessment portion of the NC WPP

Draft version of the entire NC WPP

NC WPP Stakeholder group members

Internet Links applicable to information in the NC WPP:

EPA Core Elements Framework

(15A NCAC) 02B

(15A NCAC) 02H

Internet Links applicable to information in the NC WPP:

         Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Coastal Watersheds of the Conterminous United States 2004 to 2009

         Isolated Wetlands Project Final Report

         Methods in Biogeochemistry of Wetlands (Table of Contents/Contributors)

For more information on the NC Wetland Program Plan please contact Amanda Mueller at 919-707-8780 or