Observed Algal Blooms

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Significant 2016 Algal Blooms

Edenton Bay, Chowan County - July 21

Washington Regional Office staff responded to reports of green water in Edenton Bay on July 19. Water samples were collected and sent to the Water Sciences Lab for identification. The algae was identified as as Dolichospermum planctonicum, a filamentous bluegreen alga that may produce cyanotoxins. Read the DEQ staff report. 

Lake Fontana, Graham/Swain Counties - June 23

Asheville Regional Office staff responded to concerns of a potential algal bloom near 288 boat ramp on Fontana Lake in Bryson City. Samples were collected from a surface bloom on June 23. Read the DEQ preliminary report.  

Greenfield Lake, Wilmington - May 31-June 8

Wilmington Regional Office staff responded to concerns about discolored water in Greenfield Lake in downtown Wilmington, N.C. on May 31, 2016 and determined the cause was an algal bloom of Dolichospermum spiroides. A follow-up investigation on June 8 determined that the bloom had subsided. Read the DEQ staff report.