Express Review

401 & Buffer Permitting 

Express Review

The Express Permitting Program offers a more timely review of certain environmental permits than the traditional permit review process within the NC Department of Environmental Quality. This program offers quicker permit decisions and certification as well as consultation to identify necessary environmental requirements. Higher fees are charged to support additional staff for the express review. This program also encourages greater involvement of property owners, developers and engineers to ensure good communication and high quality applications. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Express permitting began as a pilot program in January 2004 (Session Law 2003-284, Section 11.4A) and expanded by July 2004 (Session Law 2004-124, Section l2.9).

Within the 401/Wetlands Program, Express Review offers expedited stream determinations, Riparian Buffer Authorization, 401 Water Quality Certifications, Isolated and Other Non-404 Jurisdictional Wetlands and Waters Permit, and Stormwater Management Plan approvals.

The Central Office is no longer accepting Express Permitting applications, however the Washington and Wilmington Regional Offices are still accepting Express Permitting applications.