Caissons and Underground Foundations

Caissons for the NRC site started in February 2009. Excavation and shoring continued as the caissons started. Once excavation and enough caissons were completed, the underground foundations for the NRC and DOA parking deck began.

There will be two levels of underground parking under the NRC and the DOA deck. These levels are included in the Underground Foundations. Enjoy the photos as we watch the underground foundations come out of the ground.

Caisson is being drilled on the NRC Site Caisson being drilled Caisson sleeve being moved to newly drilled caisson
Caisson being drilled with sleeve inserted Assembling rebar to create caisson cage Caisson cage is being moved by crane to where it will be used.
Placing caisson cage into the drilled caisson Concrete being poured into caisson with sleeve Concrete being poured into caisson with slurry mix.
Concrete being poured into caisson directly from concrete truck Drill rig drilling shaft in NRC section. Concrete Pump Truck used to place concrete to inaccessible areas.
Concrete pump truck pumping concrete to bottom of caisson shaft. Finished Caisson Photo illustrates how busy the site can get.
Load Test to ensure caissons are up to specifications. Completed Caisson ties into column for underground foundations. Grade Beam for NRC being poured.
Caisson and column ready for concrete pour Caisson and column intersection after concrete has been poured Column formed with rebar.
Placing concrete in to wood forms to make parking structure columns. Finished Column, connected with caisson at base. Tower Crane being assembled.
Tower Crane being assembled. Two mobile cranes assemble the tower crane. Completed Tower Crane.
View of northeast corner of NRC showing completed grade beams and columns. Walls being formed to connect with grade beams. NRC B2 level walls after forms are removed.
Columns and Walls at NRC B2 level. View of Walls formed at NRC B2 Level along Jones St. Electrical Conduit under the NRC B2 slab.
A compacting machine is operated by remote control before the slab is poured. Secretary Freeman visits the Construction site, joined by Bill Laxton.