Excavation on the NRC site started in August 2008. While preparing the site for excavation, the asphalt and the trees that were on site needed to be removed. The asphalt was sent to a recycler and certain trees were chosen to be taken to a local saw mill to be reused in the future Green Square buildings. All other tree material was taken to the Museum of Natural Science's Prairie Ridge, where it was either chipped and used as mulch or wildlife habitat.

NRC Site Excavation Begins 9/4/08 NRC Site Excavation 10/16/08 NRC Site Excavation 11/9/08
NRC Site Excavation 11-6-08 Soil removal at the NRC site 12/3/08 Excavation of NRC site 12/15/08
Excavation of NRC site 12/16/08 and demolition of State Employee Credit Union Jones Street Excavation on NRC site 1-8-09 Jones and McDowell Corner, shoring with soil nails 1/8/09
NRC Site excavation 1-26-09 NRC Site excavation looking over SECU demo 1-26-09 Soil Nails 12/16/08
Drilling occurs before soil nail is set into place 12/16/08 Soil is blown out by a machine drilling into the earth for soil nails 12/16/08 Soil Nails before installation 1-30-09
Shoring on Jones Street 1-30-09 Magnolia log being loaded up for transport and a new life as a wood product in our new buildings Trees at the saw mill site
Excavation is near completion