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DEQ posts corrective action plans for coal ash sites

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 12:00am

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality announced today that six of the 14 required corrective action plans, or CAPs, for Duke Energy’s coal ash facilities have been posted to DEQ’s website. Under the Coal Ash Management Act (CAMA), Duke Energy is required submit the CAPs within 90 days of submitting comprehensive site assessments, or CSAs, of the facilities. The site assessments for all 14 of the coal ash sites were submitted by Duke Energy and posted to DEQ’s website in September. They will be used by DEQ to make science-based decisions about how to prioritize the closure of all coal ash impoundments in North Carolina.

Duke Energy is submitting the CAPs in two parts. In accordance with CAMA, DEQ has required part one to be submitted no later than 90 days after the CSA was received, and must include background information; a brief summary of the CSA findings; a brief description of site geology and hydrogeology; a summary of the previously completed receptor survey; a description of 2L and 2B exceedances; proposed site-specific groundwater background concentrations; a detailed description of the site conceptual model; and groundwater flow and transport modeling.

The utility has up to 180 days after the respective CSA was received to submit part two which will contain additional restoration planning; an implementation schedule; and monitoring and reporting information.

Part one of the eight reports that have not yet been submitted are due to DEQ by Dec. 8 and part two of all reports are due by March 2016. The reports will be posted as they are received at the link below: