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Division of Waste Management honors 2015 Employee of Year

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 12:00am

Kathleen Lance, the administrative secretary for the state Division of Waste Management, was recently named the division’s Employee of the Year for 2015.

Lance was selected from among the division’s 253 full-time employees because of her hard work, professionalism and exceptional customer service, said Michael Scott, who directs the division.

A ceremony was held earlier this year during the division’s annual training event in Raleigh.

“Kathleen is always eager and willing to assist her colleagues and members of the public,” Scott said. “It’s unusual for most employees to exceed expectations with such regularity, but not for Kathleen. It’s in her nature to go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis.”

The Division of Waste Management protects public health and the environment by assuring that solid and hazardous wastes and underground storage tanks are managed properly, and that existing contamination is cleaned up. The division also manages the Brownfields Program, which promotes redevelopment of abandoned, idled or under-used sites.

Lance joined the division in September 2012 as a temporary employee and became a permanent employee 10 months later when she accepted the administrative secretary position.

Kathleen Lance (pictured) was honored as the N.C. Division of Waste Management’s Employee of the Year for 2015. Division Director Michael Scott (also seen here) said Lance was selected for the honor because of her hard work, professionalism and exceptional customer service. 

As the administrative secretary, Lance supports the division director, the division’s budget officer and the public information officer. She also works on special projects for the division’s human resources program and serves as a liaison between the department and the division.

She said she enjoys working with people throughout the division as well as the department and the public. 

“We have a tremendous amount of talent and experience in this division,” Lance said. “And I am honored to be selected as this year’s Employee of the Year.”  

Two other employees were finalists for the honor: Carrie Stone and Scott Ryals, who both work to clean up leaking underground fuel storage tanks. Scott said of Ryals: “Scott has provided diverse and thoughtful perspectives on … driving the cleanup of hundreds of sites and saved the state millions of dollars.” Of Stone, Scott said: “Carrie works with the regulated community as a partner to resolve the initial investigation of petroleum releases in a cost effective and timely manner.”

Division honors its Team of the Year for 2015

The Division of Waste Management also honored its Team of the Year for 2015. The honor went to staff who work in the Underground Storage Tank section in the Washington regional office.

The staff members honored were: Sandra Albritton, Bill Crew, Carrie Stone, Scott Bullock, Rose Balance, Sylvia Hunneke, Betty Sandow and Jeff Welti.

“All staff members work as a team to implement DEQ’s mission, program, solve various issues and problems, and provide excellent customer service,” Scott said. “Staff routinely go out of their way to provide the best possible customer service to the regulated community.”

DEQ Secretary Donald van der Vaart (far left) honored the Division of Waste Management’s Team of the Year, who are the staff in the Washington regional office’s Underground Storage Tank Section. Next to the secretary (from left-to-right) are team members Carrie Stone, environmental senior technician; Bill Crew, hydrogeologist; and Scott Bullock, who was the team’s supervisor. Members of the team not shown are: Sandra Albritton, office assistant IV; Rose Balance, a hydrogeologist, Sylvia Hunneke, a hydrogeologist; Betty Sandow, environmental technician; and Jeff Welti, a hydrogeologist.