Secretary tours Reidsville’s wastewater treatment plant to see state-funded improvements

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 12:00am

Secretary Donald van der Vaart visited Reidsville last week to meet with city officials and tour their wastewater treatment plant. Reidsville recently received $14.7 million in funding from the state’s water infrastructure program in order to make improvements at the facility and ensure reliable infrastructure that meets the needs of the community.

The improvements that have been made at the facility have improved operations and reduced the risk of process disruptions and equipment failure. The biosolids handling facility has been greatly improved, which reduced operating costs, and the safety and reliability of the treatment process was also improved through this project. Reliable water infrastructure is a necessity for all North Carolinians, and the types of improvements made at the plant in Reidsville are an example of how the state can help.

Secretary van der Vaart tours Reidsville’s wastewater treatment plan.

In addition to state funding programs, the Connect NC bond proposed by Governor Pat McCrory and passed by voters dedicates $309 million for water and sewer infrastructure improvements in small and medium-sized towns, allowing many other communities to pay for projects like the one in Reidsville. The McCrory administration will continue to place a priority on replacing and modernizing these facilities to keep pace with growing populations and to encourage economic development.