DWR Water Education Spring 2021 Updates

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 9:46am

The Office of Water Education provides multiple water-based resources designed to support statewide educators.  Interested in learning about the latest resources and upcoming events? Below is a list of projects and programs you can incorporate into your classroom or educational program.  Want to know the best part? Most of these programs are free!

Upcoming Project WET Educator & Facilitator Workshops (Online):

June 14 &15 (Educator)
June 21 & 22 (Facilitator)

Project WET Educator Workshop: This workshop will equip participants with everything they need to know to teach several Project WET activities to their students.  We will cover key water literacy principles as well as best practices to incorporate these activities into your lessons and outreach.  Cost is $40 for guide, includes shipping.

Target Audience for Educator Workshop: Educators, Teachers, Camp Counselors, Home School Teachers, Scout Leaders.

Hosted by Lauren Daniel (NC DWR), Rebecca Coppa (NC DEMLR), and Amy Renfranz (NC SWCD: New Hanover County)


Project WET Facilitator Workshop: This workshop will provide training to program leaders to host your own Project WET workshops at their own site.  We will cover best practices for adult learning theory, requirements for hosting Project WET workshops, and a thorough overview of all the resources available from Project WET.  Participants will be asked to host a Project WET workshop within the next 12 months- so please don’t sign up for this class if you can’t commit to that. We will have more workshops in the future, so don’t worry!  

Target Audience for Facilitator Workshop: Program leaders, Workshop Leaders, Higher Education/Pre-Service professors/instructors, Teacher Trainers.  (We will use a "Train the Trainer" Model for this workshop.) Pre-requisites: Must have taken a Project WET course in the past 18 months.  Email Lauren.Daniel@ncdenr.gov for specific questions.  


Discover NC Watersheds Learning Series Pilot Launch:

Through a partnership with UNC Wilmington's Instructional Design and Technology program, we are excited to announce the launch of Discover NC Watersheds Learnin Series.  This is a series of interactive learning modules with the objective to educate about utilizing existing sources to uncover local watershed data, learn about ways to engage with the community about water resources, and explore methods to optimize community-based watershed improvement projects.  Interested in participating in our final stage of review?  Email Lauren.Daniel@ncdenr.gov to receive access to these modules and offer feedback during this final phase of development.  

Upcoming NC Climate Education Network Open-House (Online):

June 29, 10:00-11:00 with an optional 30 minute Q&A session.
Our vision is for every teacher in North Carolina feels confident leading class discussions and providing engaging activities for students to learn about climate issues.  We want to connect teachers with scientists and empower our students to ask questions and formulate viable solutions to ever-chaning scenarios, both hypothetical and real.   Explore our resources by topic, grade level, or just cherry-pick the materials you like.  We welcome your feedback and ideas for the future.

NC Stream Watch 3.0 Continues to Grow!

The latest NC Stream Watch version was launched in the fall of 2020 and continues to reach communities far and wide across North Carolina.  The objective? To create awareness for water resources through observations of local streams. NC Stream Watch serves to connect community members with their own streams while raising awareness for the diversity of water resources from the mountains to the coast.  Next time you're out near a stream, feel free to share your observations to our statewide dashboard!  

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