Cape Fear River Basin

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Cape Fear River Basin

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Quick Facts

Drainage Area (mi2): 9,164
Population (2010): 2,072,304
River Miles: 21,300
Water Acreage: 68,884
Counties: 26
Municipalities: 114
Planner:Nora Deamer

Subbasin Info

03003002 - Haw River
03003003 - Deep River
03003004 - Upper Cape Fear
03003005 - Lower Cape Fear
03003006 - Black River
03003007 - Northeast Cape Fear

Basin Description

The Cape Fear River basin drains the middle portion of North Carolina and includes portions of 26 counties and 115 municipalities. It is also one of four river basins completely within North Carolina. River basins are divided up into Subbasins (8-Digit Hydrologic Units). The Cape Fear River basin contains 6 Subbasins. Maps of each subbasin are included in each subbasin chapter. The basin is composed of five major drainages: Haw River, Deep River, Northeast Cape Fear River, Black River and the Cape Fear River.

    Water Quantity

    Water Quality

    Statewide Water Quality Assessment - 305(b) & 303(d) Integrated Report (IR)


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