2018 RBAC Grant Winners

State recycling business grants awarded this spring are expected to generate approximately 66 jobs, spur more than $2.1 million in new, private business investments and further reduce the state’s dependence on landfill disposal.

Twenty-one companies that collect, process and manufacture new products with recycled materials will receive more than $570,000 in funds from N.C. DEQ's Recycling Business Assistance Center in 2018. Grants will support upgrades to material recovery facilities, increases in plastic processing capacity, expansion of recycled end-product manufacturing capacity and recycling processing for a variety of other materials.

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Selected projects include:

Abbey Green, Inc. ($32,000) — Abbey Green (Forsyth) will purchase a finger screen and fines conveyor to increase recovery rates and improve operational efficiency.

AEIPLUS Inc. ($30,000) — AEIPLUS Inc. (Gaston) will purchase a sand remover for agricultural film to improve the quality of the film and increase recyclability, thereby opening up new markets for this material.

Bromley Plastics ($40,000) — Bromley Plastics (Henderson) will purchase a chopper/shredder that will eliminate downtime and increase productivity and processing capacity by 33 percent.

Brunson Recycling ($20,000) — Brunson Recycling (McDowell) will purchase a guillotine roll shear to target HDPE and PVC roll feedstocks.

Colt Recycling Southeast ($20,000) — Colt Recycling (Catawba) will purchase a steel building to securely unload recyclable electronics and increase processing capacity.

Commercial Plastics Recycling ($20,000) — Commercial Plastics Recycling (Catawba) will purchase a pipe grinder to grind PVC plastic from construction and demolition projects in N.C.

Curbside Management, Inc. ($40,000) — Curbside Management (Buncombe) will purchase a glass clean-up system to improve material quality and processing efficiency at their single-stream material processing facility.

Envirovision Technologies ($40,000) — Envirovision (Gaston) will purchase a wash line to expand their post-industrial and post-consumer plastics recycling program.

Foothills Sanitation and Recycling, Inc. ($30,000) — Foothills Sanitation and Recycling (Wilkes) will purchase an optical sorting system to improve material quality and processing efficiency at their single-stream material processing facility.

Green Recycling Solutions Wattles ($16,667) — Green Recycling Solutions Wattles (Jones) will purchase a chip screw to process recovered wood material from their sister company's construction and demolition recycling processing facility.

HighCube ($21,067) — HighCube (Durham) will purchase two shredders to increase capacity for recycling expanded polystyrene into new finished goods.

Holmes Iron and Metal ($20,000) — Holmes Iron and Metal (Rowan) will purchase a plastics wash line and granulator to expand recycling capacity of plastic material from industrial clients.

Kamlar Corporation ($30,000) — Kamlar (Nash) will purchase an excavator to process lower-value wooden pallets, separating other packaging materials and increasing processing capacity at their recycled pallet manufacturing facility.

New River Tire ($30,000) — New River Tire (Surry) will purchase a new cracker mill material processor to double the company's throughput of crumb rubber and allow use of car tire material to produce crumb rubber.

North Davidson Garbage ($30,000) — North Davidson Garbage (Davidson) will purchase 65-gallon recycling carts to expand curbside recycling collection to new and existing customers.

Pelican Packaging ($40,000) — Pelican Packaging (Halifax) will purchase a baler to increase processing capacity of post-industrial plastic.

Plastic Materials ($17,120) — Plastic Materials (Gaston) will purchase two forklifts that will allow dedicated equipment on both the production and shipping/receiving operations, thereby increasing production capacity and throughput.

Roll-Tech ($16,780) — Roll-Tech (Catawba) will purchase tooling equipment to manufacture recycled plastic wheel hubs and recycled molded rubber tires.

Sanitary Disposal and Recycling ($10,000) — Sanitary Disposal and Recycling (Beaufort) will purchase 95-gallon recycling carts to expand curbside recycling collection services in rural communities.

Sonoco Recycling - Onslow ($40,000) — Sonoco Recycling (Onslow) will purchase a glass clean-up system to decrease contamination and increase the value of the recyclable material.

Verity Recycling ($30,000) — Verity Recycling (Randolph) will purchase a box truck to expand their agricultural plastics recycling program.