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Citizens can improve North Carolina's environment and its economy by recycling a wide range of products and materials. Recycling prevents pollution, saves energy and resources, and helps sustain more than 17,000 jobs in the state. Find out more about local recycling services and recycling options for specific materials.




More Information on Recycling

Composting Electronics Fluorescent Lights and Mercury Thermostats
Materials Banned from Disposal Plastic Bottles Recycling and Climate Change
School Recycling   Unused Medications

Local Government Recycling and Solid Waste Contacts

All North Carolina counties and most of its municipalities offer recycling services to the public for general household recyclable materials. Many local governments also offer recycling opportunities for materials such as electronics, household hazardous waste, yard waste, tires, appliances and other metals. To find contacts for your county and municipality, click on the map below.

Recycling Outreach Campaigns

North Carolina has three outreach campaigns – Recycle, and Recycle More NC to help the public learn more about the benefits of recycling and opportunities to participate in keeping valuable materials out of landfills. The campaigns feature downloadable artwork, fun videos, logos and graphics, and access to social media sites to learn the latest recycling information. Click on the logos below to explore the campaigns.