New and Exciting Education Resources from the Division of Air Quality

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 9:46pm

The NC Air Awareness team has developed resources for teachers and students to complete from their homes and offices. Most years, the NC Air Awareness staff are busy working directly with students and the public at environmental field days, classroom visits, and public events and Earth Day Celebrations. As these events and invitations to participate evaporated with the COVID-19 crisis, the NC Air Awareness team turned our efforts into creating resources which can be done from home.  

NEW – Introduction to Air Quality for Educators 

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality is offering an on-line Introduction to Air Quality for Educators workshop. This workshop qualifies for Criteria One Credit in the North Carolina Department of Environments’ - Environmental Education Certification program, and most schools offer Continuing Education Units for participating in NC Division of Air Quality Workshops. 

NEW – NC Department of Environmental Quality Distance Learning  

NC Division of Air Quality worked with the NC Office or Environmental Education and Public Affairs and the other Divisions to develop the Distance Learning Page which provides activities that teachers can assign students to improve their environmental literacy. Each of the activities in Air, Water, Soil and Geology supports the North Carolina Department of Instruction’s educational standards. The activities help people understand the health of natural resources, which when healthy, add to the quality of life for all North Carolina Citizens.  

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality has many other resources for all ages of students and adults:


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