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Coal Ash Updates

Coal Ash Updates

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Sutton Water Sampling results -- September 30, October 1, October 2, October 3, October 4, October 5, October 9
Sutton Sediment Sampling Results -- September 20
Sutton Water Sampling Results -- September 22, September 25, September 26 and September 27
HF Lee Water Sampling Results -- September 23, 2018, October 12, October 19

Sutton Plant


     Sutton Plant Inspection -- September 24, 2018




    HF Lee -- Aerial Footage from 9-23-2018



     Sutton Facility -- Aerial Footage from 9-22-18 -- VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2 
     Document here describes footage with timecodes -- CLICK HERE



     Sutton Facility - Images from 9-22-18


Newly constructed spillway at cooling pond dike wall

     HF Lee Facility-- Images from 9-20-18 




    Sutton Facility-- Aerial Footage 9-21-18 
    Document here describes footage with timecodes


Water Data Snapshot

Water Data Snapshot

Statewide Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) data from events that occurred Sept. 14—Oct. 10, 2018.
NOTE: Events related to hurricane impacts include a notation on the spreadsheet linked above.


Information updated as of October 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm.

For live updates of water system status please visit the Post Event Tracking Systems (PETS) page here.

Row Labels Count of Use Restriction % of Systems with Use Restriction Sum of Population
None 753 99.085% 5,644,944
Boil Water Advisory: Partial System 2 0.26% 20,494
Boil Water Advisory: System-Wide 4 0.53% 457
Other (add comment) 1 0.13% 320
Grand Total 760 100.00% 5,666,215

Boil Water Advisory: is issued when the condition of the water system (e.g., broken water distribution lines) indicates potential bacteriological contamination

Boil Water Notice: is issued when E-coli contamination was detected in water samples or condition of water system indicates the presence of E-coli contamination (e.g., well is flooded)

Animal Operations - Swine Lagoon Facilities

Animal Operations - Swine Lagoon Facilities

As of 6:30a.m. on October 9, 2018.

This data is what was entered into DEQ’s incident tracker as of the time noted above, this snapshot does not reflect changes and reports since that time.

Animal Operations - Swine Lagoons
Category Total # Facilities/Lagoons
Structural Damage 6 facilities/6 lagoons
Discharges (Overtopping) 28 facilities/33 lagoons
Inundation, no indicated discharges 8 facilities/10 lagoons
Freeboard 0" 8 facilities/10 lagoons
Freeboard 0-3" 29 facilities/37 lagoons
Structural Damage: means it may or may not be breached, means the lagoon structure has damage
Discharges (Overtopping): means material is or was leaving the lagoon
Inundation: means surface water is surrounding and flowing into the lagoon
Freeboard 0": means there is no room for material in the lagoon, overtopping likely
Freeboard 0-3": means between 0 and three inches of depth, measures vertically, from the top of the lagoon dam to the surface of the liquid in the lagoon

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