Legislative Reports

Pursuant to S.L. 2019-250 Section 5.10 (a), Department of Environmental Quality legislative reports submitted on or after January 1, 2020 will be posted below.

Title Summary Report Date
Sedimentation and Stormwater Joint Report Combined report on implementation of the State Sedimentation Pollution Control Program and the State Stormwater Program. 10/01/2021
Surface Water Identification and Training Certificate Course Report Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Surface Water Identification Training and Certification Program and report of findings and recommendations. 10/01/2021
Animal Waste Management Annual Report Report on permitting, inspection, compliance, and accounting of activities for the Animal Feeding Operation program. 10/01/2021
Combined River Basin Advisory Commission Report and Audit Annual audit and report on the River Basin Advisory Commission 10/01/2021
Energy Credit Banking and Selling Program Annual Report A report on the expenditures from the Fund. 10/01/2021
DEQ Agency Mobile Device Report Annual report on agency mobile devices. 10/01/2021
2021 Q3 Capital Improvements Report Quarterly report on capital improvements projects. 10/02/2021
Bernard Allen Emergency Drinking Water Fund Report Annual report on implementation of the Bernard Allen Memorial Emergency Drinking Water Fund. 10/01/2021
Risk-Based Remediation Fund Annual Report Annual report on the Risk-Based Remediation Fund. 10/01/2021
Conservation Grant Fund Annual Report Annual report on Conservation Grant Fund Annual Report. Includes inventory of all conservation easements held by the Department. 10/01/2021