NC DEQ Statement on CFPUA April Data Sampling


The NC Department of Environmental Quality’s Director of Public Affairs Megan Thorpe released the following statement on recent sampling results from CFPUA testing:

 DEQ’s staff has been in contact with CFPUA and local officials regarding recent data indicating notable measures of cumulative PFAS in groundwater. We share their concerns but realize that one data set does not sufficiently help us understand the cause or source of the contamination. DEQ plans to sample areas of concern and expedite testing results. To date, none of the results are from finished drinking water.

In light of the CFPUA data disclosed to DEQ on May 8, we will compare the results of the utility’s resampling to the first results and our own data and will share it with local officials once it is received. We anticipate that even if expedited, DEQ’s sampling results will take a few weeks to be returned from the lab as our own resources are not sufficient to complete the sampling and testing without an outside contractor.


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