NC0003468 Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC

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Public comment or objection to the draft permit modification is invited. All comments received by Aug. 31, 2016 will be considered in the final determination regarding permit issuance and permit provisions.

PERMIT APPLICATION Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC has applied for a renewal of its NPDES wastewater permit (NC0003468) for the Dan River Combined Cycle Station, 864 South Edgewood Rd., Eden, N.C., Rockingham County. The facility discharges treated industrial wastewater to Dan River in the Roanoke River basin. This discharge may affect future allocations in this portion of the Roanoke River basin.

The thermal component of the discharge is subject to effluent limitations under the federal Clean Water Act sections 301/306 and N.C. Administrative Code Section: 15A NCAC 2B.0211

(3) (j), which prohibits an exceedance of 2.8 degrees C (5.04 degrees F) above the natural water temperature, and in no case to exceed 32 degrees C (89.6 degrees F). The permit holder has requested a continuance of a Clean Water Act 316(a) variance, which would impose an alternative, less stringent limitation on the thermal component of the discharge. The proposed variance imposes a monthly average limit of 35.0 degrees C (95 degrees F). On the basis of the

N.C. Administrative Code Section: 15A NCAC 2B.0208 (2) (b) and other lawful standards and regulations, the N.C. Division of Water Resources proposes to continue the 316(a) variance in conjunction with renewal of the permit.

The draft wastewater permit and related documents are available online at: regulation/duke-energy-npdes-permits-for-facilities-with-coal-ash-ponds/duke-energy-npdes- modifications-renewals. Printed copies of the draft permit and related documents may be reviewed at the department’s Winston-Salem Regional Office. To make an appointment to review the documents, please call 336-776-9800. Public comment on the draft permit modification should be mailed to: Wastewater Permitting, Attn: Dan River Permit, 1617 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C., 27699-1617. Public comments may also be submitted by email to: Please be sure to include “Dan River” in the email’s subject line.



The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality will hold a public hearing to accept comments on the draft permit at 6 p.m. Wed., Aug. 31 at the Eden City Hall, 308 East Stadium Dr., Eden, N.C. Speaker registration begins at 5 p.m.