NC0065358 S I P Hidden Forest, LLC

Event Description

Facility: Hidden Forest Estates WWTP
County: Randolph
Permit: NC0065358

The Division has made an attempt to post notices in the following newspaper(s):
Fayetteville Observer

SIP Hidden Forest, LLC (P.O. Box 692571, Quincy, MA 02269-2571) has requested renewal of
NPDES permit NC0065358 for the Hidden Forest Estates WWTP in Randolph County. This
permitted facility discharges treated wastewater to the Deep River in the Cape Fear River
Basin. Currently, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, total phosphorus, fecal coliform,
and total residual chlorine are water quality limited. This discharge may affect future
allocations in this portion of the watershed.


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NCDEQ-Division of Water Resources
Water Quality Permitting Section
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