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N.C. officials urge caution for recreational water users after storms cause flooding, sewer overflows


The state Division of Water Resources urges caution for people recreating in rivers, lakes and other natural water bodies after statewide storm events resulted in localized flooding and contributed to sewer collection system overflows in several communities from the mountains to the coast.

Since Sunday, North Carolina has reported more than 50 sanitary sewer overflows likely due to the persistent rain. Sanitary sewer overflows are clogs in the collection systems that can result in raw sewage releases into communities. These are costly events for wastewater utilities to cleanup, and can degrade the quality of public waters.

The Division of Water Resources continues to monitor conditions at facilities statewide and will work with municipal water and wastewater systems if problems arise.

Bacteria and other pollutants may be present in surface water bodies from numerous sources after a large rainfall event, and the public should always use discretion when recreating in natural bodies of waters. Boaters and swimmers should stay out of areas with discolored water or dead fish. Also, people who are not feeling well or have cuts or rashes should limit contact with water, and people should wash with soap and clean water after having contact with water bodies.

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