Proposed Rules Public Hearing (15A NCAC 18C Rules Governing Public Water Systems)

Event Description

The 15A NCAC 18C rules are being reviewed by the Division of Water Resources in accordance with G.S. 150B-21.3A. Forty-nine rules have been identified as needing amendments that do not rise to the level of substantial economic impact. These rules have been revised to address the following objectives:

  1. Clarify rule requirements and reduce ambiguity;
  2. Update citations and references;
  3. Provide greater flexibility to the regulated community; and/or
  4. Provide an improved mechanism to consider innovative design and emerging technology.

Rule 15A NCAC 18C .0406 is being readopted with substantive changes that may result in economic impact on the regulated community. The changes are being made to increase specificity associated with reducing potential contamination from cross connections. Finally, there is a paired rule repeal (15A NCAC 18C .0715) and subsequent language adoption (15A NCAC 18C .0503) to codify design standards currently recognized by the regulated community.

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