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The Division of Water Resources is engaged in many aspects of water quality protection. Learn more about what we do, test, regulate, study ...

Algae - The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Fish Tissue Analysis

Ground Water - Dig deep. Great things are brewing below the surface.

Sewage Collection System Basics

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater Treatment

Water Supply Classification - Protecting Drinking Water

What are Wetlands?

The Basics

Water Quality Standards -

Water quality standards are the backbone of water protection laws and policies for surface water and groundwater.

Stream Classifications -

Classifications define a waterway's best uses (swimming, drinking water supply, fishing, shellfish harvesting) and carry an associated set of standards and requirements to protect those uses.

Water Quality Laws and Rules -

Laws and rules to protect surface water and groundwater resources.

Permitting -

Before you engage in an activity that could impact a stream, river, wetland, lake, other surface water or groundwater, make sure you have the required permit.

Water Quality Where I Live