15A NCAC 2B .0227 - Water Quality Management Plans

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15A NCAC 2B .0227

Water Quality Management Plans

The Environmental Management Commission (EMC) will conduct a public comment period to receive comments on proposed revisions to .02B .0227 made in response to technical changes requested by the Rules Review Commission's legal staff.

A Notice of Text was previously published in the 29:13 issue of the North Carolina Register for a proposed water quality management plan and Class Sc Sw reclassification for a part of the Cape Fear River, and it included notice of a public hearing, which was held on February 5, 2015, as well as a comment period.

At the September 2015 Environmental Management Commission (EMC) meeting, the EMC considered comments received concerning the rule amendments reflecting the reclassification and water quality management plan, and approved the rule amendments in conjunction with each other. The rulemaking involved proposed amendments to 15A NCAC 2B .0227 for the water quality management plan as well as to 15A NCAC 2B .0311 for the reclassification. Then the Division of Water Resources (DWR) submitted the rule amendments to the Rules Review Commission (RRC), and RRC legal staff requested technical changes to 2B .0227 but not 2B .0311. The requested changes primarily addressed 2B .0227 rule language in existence prior to the rule amendments approved at the September 2015 EMC meeting, and DWR considered the requested changes for the purposes of clarity only. DWR responded to the requested technical changes with a revised version of 2B .0227 that EMC approved at its November 2015 meeting to go out to public notice unaccompanied by 2B .0311.

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    2015-12-15 through 2016-02-15
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