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Director's Office
S. Daniel Smith Interim Director 919-707-9222
Sheteta Crumpler Administrative Assistant 919-707-9200
Toby Vinson, PE, CPM Program Operations Chief 919-707-9201
Vacant Regional Operations Chief 919-707-9221
Bill Caddell Business Officer 919-707-9229
Stephanie Lane Budget Officer 919-707-9224
Debra "Gigi" Godwin Human Resources Rep 919-707-9232
Bridget Munger DEQ Deputy Communications Director 919-707-3644
Christy Simmons Public Information Officer 919-707-3645
Zaynab Nasif Public Records Officer 919-707-9141
Austin McCall Public Records Officer 919-707-3614
Stormwater Permitting
Annette Lucas, PE Program Manager 919-707-3639
Suzanne McCoy Administrative Assistant 919-707-3640
Bethany Georgoulias Environmental Engineer 919-707-3641
Alaina Morman Environmental Specialist 919-707-9236
Rick Riddle Environmental Engineer 919-707-3648
Corey Anen Environmental Engineer 919-707-3649
Jeanette Powell Environmental Engineer 919-707-3620
Paul Clark Water Supply Watershed Coordinator 919-707-3642
Erosion and Sediment Control
Julie Coco State Sediment Specialist 919-707-9215
Taylor Young Asst. State Sediment Specialist 919-707-9209
Rebecca Coppa Sediment Education Specialist 919-707-9216
Deborah Williams-Reese Administrative Assistant 919-707-9220
David Miller State Mining Specialist 919-707-9228
Judy Wehner Asst. State Mining Specialist 919-707-9227
Brenda Harris Administrative Assistant 919-707-9226
Dam Safety
Vacant State Dam Safety Engineer III 919-707-9219
Vacant Asst. Dam Safety Engineer III 919-707-9217
Boyd Devane Asst. Dam Safety Engineer 919-707-9212
George Eller Asst. Dam Safety Engineer III 919-707-9214
Daniel Kang Asst. Dam Safety Engineer II 919-707-9239
Sue White Asst. Dam Safety Engineer III 919-707-9223
Yu Liu Asst. Dam Safety Engineer II 919-707-9230
Erica Langdon Environmental Specialist II 919-707-9299
Jordan Pappas Asst. Dam Safety Engineer I 919-707-9218
Roger King Administrative Specialist II 919-707-9213
Francis Tubolino Environmental Specalist 919-707-9233

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Fayetteville Regional Office

Mooresville Regional Office

Raleigh Regional Office

Washington Regional Office

Wilmington Regional Office

Winston-Salem Regional Office