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Post-construction Stormwater

The Post-construction Stormwater Permitting Program regulates site development and post-construction stormwater runoff control. Areas subject to these permit programs include all 20 coastal counties and various other counties and watersheds throughout the state. Areas subject can be found using the Interactive Stormwater Permitting Map.

Post-construction Application Forms

New Projects & Permit Modifications:

SWU-101 - State Stormwater Permit Application Form(link is external) 

Application Instructions for SWU-101

Permit Transfer Application Form

Fast Track Stormwater Application and Instructions(link is external)

Permit Information Update Form (for administrative changes to project name, permittee contact info, legal corporation name not due to change of ownership)

Minor Modification Form (for changes to a project with no BUA increase + no BMP changes) 


Permit Renewals:

State Stormwater Permit Renewal Application Form(link is external) 


Supplemental Forms:

Supplement EZ Form & O&M EZ Form (for all SCMs) is available on the SCM Design Manual webpage

Low Density Development(link is external)

Off-Site System(link is external)

NCDOT Linear Road

As-Built Certification Forms (required for Fast Track, but can be used for Standard Permitting Process as well)


Miscellaneous Forms and Documents

Storm-EZ  (volume matching projects)

Stream Buffer Determination FormsA(link is external)(link is external)

Stream Classification Map(link is external)

Design Checklists(link is external)

Infiltration Site Visit Request Form(link is external) (for Wilmington Regional Office projects only)

Low Impact Development (LID) Guidebook(link is external) 


Deed Restriction Forms

Required for all projects that have lots and/or outparcels.

Low Density Projects

High Density Projects

Residential Subdivision(link is external)

Residential Subdivision(link is external)

Commercial Subdivision(link is external)

Commercial Subdivision(link is external)

Project with Curb & Gutter(link is external)

Project with Outparcels(link is external)


State Stormwater General Permits

GP Number - Name


Permit Text

Other Information

SWG 01 - Single Family Residence

NOI(link is external)


Permit(link is external)



SWG 02 - Bulkheads & Boat Ramps

NOI(link is external)


Permit(link is external)



SWG 03 - Clearing & Grading

 NOI(link is external)

 Permit(link is external)


SWG 04 - Linear Utility Projects

 NOI(link is external)

 Permit(link is external)


SWG 05 - Residential Development less than 1 acre

 NOI(link is external)

 Permit(link is external)


As of 1/1/2017, the SWG06 Low Density general permit is no longer offered.  Low density projects may apply under the Standard Permitting Process or the Fast Track Permitting Process (if qualify).


Technical Guidance & Policy Documents

Wetlands Policy & Example Calculations(link is external) (for use if applying under 1995 Coastal Rules)