NC Division of Water Resources Educational Programs

Division of Water Resources Educational Programs

The NC Division of Water Resources promotes and facilitates Water Education Programs throughout the state.  Are you looking to enhance your understanding of North Carolina's Water Resources?  Would you like to learn more about North Carolina's efforts to protect water?  Whether it's trainings or educational resources, DWR's Water Education programs are commited to providing rich educational experiences for anyone intersted in learning more.

Contact: Lauren Daniel, North Carolina Project WET Coordinator

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Water Education Programs

Project WET

Project WET

Project WET

This program offers engaging activities for educators to use in their classrooms and outdoors.  Activities are aligned with North Carolina's science/ELA/social studies/math curriculums.  Workshops are fun, collaborative, and showcase various resources available through NC Division of Water Resources.  The curriculum is formatted through the following water literacy principles:

  1. Water Has Unique Physical and Chemical Characteristics
  2. Water is Essential for All Life To Exist
  3. Water Connects all Earth Systems
  4. Water is a Natural Resource
  5. Water Resources are Managed
  6. Water Resources Exist within Social Constructs
  7. Water Resources Exist Within Cultural Constructs
NC Stream Watch

NC Stream Watch

NC Stream Watch

NC Stream Watch groups are asked to conduct two visual monitoring and litter cleanup sessions per year.  They also are encouraged to become the local experts on their streams' dimensions, history and wildlife, and act on behalf of the streams' best interests.  This program is designed to connect community members and students with their local stream while learning about stream health.  See more information on the NC Stream Watch  program.

It's Our Water Online

It's Our Water Online

It's Our Water

This program is available through an online module, self-guided by the student. This course is offered for free upon request.   Upon homework completion, It's Our Water qualifies for 10 hours of EE Criteria I credit or paperwork to submit to your school district.  It's Our Water is a complete water quality curriculum for North Carolina 8th grade science and high school Earth/Environmental Science Classes centered around field activities in a local stream.  These activities are coordinated with a series of videos, demonstrations and classroom activities covering everything from the hydrologic cycle to point and non-point source pollution.  The course is ideal for an 8th grade science teacher as well as an Earth/Environmental high school science teacher. For more information, and to enroll in the course, email  Please note: upon completion, students will NOT receive a Project WET guide.  You must attend a Project WET workshop to receive a Project WET 2.0 guide.  For more information: click here.

Other Water Education H2O Pen Pals

H2O Pen Pals

Objectives Addressed: 

8.E.1.1: Explain the structure of the hydrosphere including: Local River Basins and Water Availability 

8.E.1.3: Predict the safety and potability of water supplies in North Carolina based on physical and biological factors using: Temp, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Nitrates/Phosphates, Turbidity, Bio -Indicators. 

8.E.1.4: Conclude that the good health of humans requires: monitoring hydrosphere/water quality standards/methods of water treatment/maintaining safe water quality/stewardship. 


Overview of Hydrosphere Pen Pals 2020 Program: 

Who: 10 8th grade classes from throughout the state.  

What: Partnering classes will be asked to write letters to paired students.  Letters will be created from templates provided through the Hydrosphere Pen Pals 2020 Program (H2O Pen Pals).  Each round of letters will focus on different topics: NC River Basins and Watersheds, Water Quality Parameters, and Stewardship. 

Where: You can participate in this program from the comfort of your own classroom!  Teachers willing to take their students outside to observe the hydrosphere on their own campus will be given priority.   

Why: This program is intended to give students tangible experience monitoring and sharing their observations about their local watershed.  Their thoughts and observations will be shared with a partnered 8th grade student from another part of North Carolina.   

When: Deadline to apply for this program is January 24th, 2020.   

How: Interested in having a partnered class?  The application process is simple!  Before you apply, be sure you’re willing to commit to the following: 

  • Having each student in your class send a hand written letter to their partnered pen pal.  Students with special needs are strongly encouraged to participate.  Letters can be written by individuals or small groups.   
  • Letters will need to be sent out about once each month (February/March/April) to ensure all three topics are addressed before the end of the year.   
  • Once you have been partnered with a class, you are responsible for assigning student writing pairs to ensure each student in the partnered class receives a letter.   


Ready to apply?  It only takes a few minutes!  I look forward to hearing from you!