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MS4 Sustainability Strategy (MS6)

MS6 Program Overview

MS4 Program Map Viewer 

An interactive map containing information about local government's Municipal Separete Storm Sewer System (MS4) programs.  The map provides information about each local stormwater program, and their report/assessment results if they are MS6 participants.  This map is dynamic and will be updated periodically.

Ready to get started with the MS6?

MS6 was available starting July 1, 2017.  When you are ready to participate, please submit via email the following to Jeanette Powell in the NCDEQ Stormwater Program:

  1. Letter of commitment/resolution from the local government (example below under misc. docs.)
  2. Primary contact information for the local government's stormwater program manager (name, email, phone no., & mailing address)
  3. Website address for the local government stormwater program. (site where assessment results/reports will be posted)

MS6 Compendium

Assessment Modules

SOP Examples

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Miscellaneous Documents

MS6 Training

June 14, 2017 - APWA NC Stormwater Division Education Session

Misc. Training Presentations

MS4's Participating in MS6 

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