Before You Begin

In general, most projects require some type of permit from local city or county government. We recommend starting with your local government office to see if any permits will be required for your project because their regulations supercede and may be as stringent or more stringent than the state’s rules and regulations for many permits. In addition, many local governments require special use permits and/or a business license prior to conducting any activity within their jurisdiction.

Another excellent resource for new business seekers is Business Link North Carolina, a free service with the N.C. Department of Commerce. Business Link North Carolina offers one-on-one client consultations, information and referrals, customized licensing information, etc. Business Link North Carolina has a toll-free number, where a consultant will discuss your needs and help you find the appropriate resources to create and grow your business. The toll-free number is (800) 228-8443 or (919) 807-4280 (Raleigh Area)